Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Fur Flies.

BeliefNet has restructured Dreher's blog, adding a permanent link to each entry and a comment thread for each entry.

Not content with letting Caleb Stegall suggest that Homer Simpson is crunchy, Dreher has recently asserted that Batman is not a "real superhero" and that therefore gay pseudo-Catholic congregations are "Batman Catholics."

(And he dares criticize modern culture for holding nothing sacred.)

I made use of the ability to post a comment to disabuse him of this nonsense by appealing to the underappreciated Argument from Luthor, and a few of us mainstream conservatives have challenged him on his comments about Iraq, corporate pay, and the environment.

Our esteemed crunchy has begun to respond, in the comment threads to posts made here and here.

I think continued discourse will be healthy -- perhaps it'll help people like me see that Dreher's right, perhaps it'll help him see that he's not, or at least it will make clear to everyone precisely what he believes -- but it might not be pretty. After all, Dreher has now said that Iraq is a war we "cannot win."

UPDATE: Perhaps there won't be a dialogue after all.

"Bubba, we talked about all of this ad infinitum at NRO's Crunchy Con blog. If the collected works of Bruce Frohnen, Caleb Stegall et alia didn't persuade you, I suspect you are unpersuadable. Which is fine, but I just don't have the time to answer every single one of your points, nor do I have the motivation to do so when I don't think you will credit any answer that doesn't amount to, 'You're right, I was wrong.'" (link)

Frustrating, but not altogether surprising.


Blogger Pauli said...

Yes, the blog is a much better format. Vast improvement, comments and all the fixin's. Maybe our fearless leader could place a permanent link over yonder in that there sidebar, right above the moldy old NRO blog link?

7:53 AM  

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