Friday, March 31, 2006

You like me! You really, really like me!

I'd really like to say more but as soon as I finish this post I'm heading to one of Boston's most convivial alehouses, the 21st Amendment, and treat my liver like Marv Albert's girlfriend, so bleep this. Anyway, I'd like to thank Bubba, Rayne, Jape, Kathleen, Pauli, and the rest of the regulars for making me feel like I wasn't spitting into the wind alone. I'd like to thank K-Lo, John Miller, and of course Rod Dreher for linking to this blog.

When I began writing this blog I had written up several meditations on Marcus Aurelius and was well along on an essay establishing a continuum of ur-counter-neo-traditional thought from Plato to Augustine and finally Bacon. However, my couch said that challenging readers to understand abstract ideas like "theory" would be dangerous, and suggested that I instead write trite, snarky parodies which would make my reader feel better about themselves and thus sell better. It's like a Zen koan: what is the point of an anti-consumerist book that no one buys?

Cheers, everybody. I'm locking the door but not throwing away the key. The sound of crunching may have stopped for now, but we'll stick around just in case.


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