Thursday, November 16, 2006

Redbone Video

This blog has been hijacked before and besides, there's talk in a recent combox about turning the whole thing into a music fanblog. So continuing our tour of Louisiana, we move from Baton Rouge to New Orleans.

This is what my friends and I called "overbite music" back in our snobby REM days. Youtube commenter "odf14" gives a succinct bio of Redbone (here's the wikipedia entry):

"Here's the real story on REDBONE: Redbone was a funky band whose music was a mixture of R&B, Cajun, Latin, and tribal elements. They were founded in the late 60s by brothers Pat and Lolly Vegas, born Pat and Lolly Vasquez. Lolly is actually is the diminutive form of the nickname for the name Eduardo, which is Lalo. The name Redbone came from a derogatory Indian slang term meaning half-breed."

So no one can say they never learned anything from this blog.


Blogger kathleen said...

"witch queen from new orleans"!

very funny. you trying to say there's another witch queen out there? dude, i'm the witch queeniest of them all.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Pauli said...

Kathleen, as a proclaimed Witch Queen you have a lot of competition, believe me. Anyone googling "witch queen" should be really careful, however, of inappropriate material.

Love the dubbed harmonies on the word "of"!

10:19 AM  
Blogger pikkumatti said...

I dig the guy using a bow on his guitar.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Cubeland Mystic said...

Dude, that was so hot. Redbone is one of my favs.

Here is another group I like. My favorite song is Minimum Wage.

But my all time fav is:
Careless Whisper still chokes me up. Sometimes, I hear the muzak version in the elevator at work. I think back to the late 80's and about all those women at last call, and then the mulleted DJ would play that song. The mystic would go to work to close the deal. And if I were gay. . . I dare not think. Those days were the nuts. (I mean that poker sense, Tom.)

Any of you guys get into Kenny G?

10:49 AM  
Blogger Pauli said...

Hey, I just noticed -- the Redbone lead guitarist does the overbite head-nod at around 00:15! I missed that before. That is THE move.

My favorite TMBG is "Alienation's For the Rich". Also loved "Put Your Hand Inside the Puppet-Head".

Ditto on Wham. That sax line from "Careless Whisper" brings back a million memories.

Meanwhile, checking out some Julian Cope and Teardrop Explodes stuff, youtube is addictive, is it not?

11:10 AM  
Blogger Cubeland Mystic said...

I can't belive I fogot this

11:15 AM  
Blogger Pauli said...

I was never a big CJ fan, but it's cool they covered the alt. version of Sweet Jane with "Heavenly wine and roses seem to whisper to her when he smiles" which is one of Reed's greatest lines ever, IMO. That was on that great "bootleg" 1972 Max's Kansas City recording also.

11:40 AM  
Blogger kathleen said...

i saw kenny g live in 1989, and he was *great* live. that said, i wouldn't buy a kenny g cd in a million freaking years, as a matter of principle. (and i saw him for free so don't harsh on me.) great performer.

12:40 PM  
Blogger Matthew Lickona said...

Cowboy Junkies, says me, never lived up to the early promise of The Trinity Sessions - still their best work, though there was some great stuff on Black-Eyed Man. (The Sweet Jane cover is on Trinity Sessions, as is the phenomenal "Misguided Angel.")

They Might Be Giants, meanwhile, peaked with Factory Showroom. The urbanists (pace!) on this blog have gotta love "New York City." Of course, the Giants' also preach a pretty dark gospel of urban angst.

George Michael - troubled genius.

1:03 PM  
Blogger kathleen said...

common disaster is the only cowboy junkies song that ever grabbed me. the rest sound the same, the same, the same. change just the key, please!.

george michael: I just heard "father figure" in a store recently and was creeped out, but in a good way. AND THAT LADY IN THE VIDEO WAS TOTALLY A MAN.

never got into They Might Be Giants.

1:27 PM  

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