Friday, May 12, 2006

Crunchy Moonbats.

The moonbats are giving three cheers for Rod today, for his not liking the latest NSA controversy (and by "latest" I mean something that was originally reported in December). He just can't trust Bush, he says, and you can almost read his impression of a breathless wife.

It's funny how much Rod resembles the moonbats, at least in terms of the war on terror. Watch Rod presume that the war in Iraq was a disaster and that all right-thinking people must surely agree:
"I completely suspended my critical faculties in the march-up to the war, because I wanted to believe that the measures the Bush administration was proposing were just and right, and that the government could be trusted in this matter.

"We know how that all turned out."

No, "we" do not unanimously agree on how the war is (present-tense) turning out, but he doesn't let inconvenient truths get in the way. He's on a roll.

And then watch, in the comments, how the moonbats compare Bush to Orwell's Big Brother -- and watch how their, um, state of being uninformed is not limited to issues political.
"You might also question whether this program does any good. If being illegal weren't bad enough, I seriously doubt whether the government can do anything productive with such a massive data dump. The chances that the poor slob stuck with going through all this stuff is going to find the bombing plans needle in the zillion-pizza-order haystack is close to nil."

Poor Miss Kitty. She probably thinks that the man coming up with the answers for Google's searches is horribly overworked too. That someone should explain how datamining uses these strange modern devices called com-pu-ters to someone posting comments to a blog is astounding.

If someone could tell Kitty in person how datamining works, I'd appreciate it. I'd tell her online, but Lord knows the gnomes who maintain Rod's blog are busy enough as it is.


Blogger kathleen said...

N.B. The period when Dreher formulated his crunchy cons thesis perfectly coincides with the time period when Dreher, in his own words, "completely suspended his critical faculties". i.e. between 9/11 and 2003. Fascinating. I guess Rod would have us think that at some point in 2004 -- 2005?-- Rod's critical faculties somehow magically became unsuspended, thereby enabling him to write the Crunchy cons book.

1:50 PM  
Blogger Pauli said...

Mike S. wins the lone ranger award for providing the only sane comment on the thread.

Also - for laughs check out Scott Ott's post on the subject. He ain't the king of parody for nuthin'.

3:13 PM  

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