Thursday, December 21, 2006

Interested in Rod Dreher's writing? Wait.

I would like to direct the reader's attention to this brief blog entry, in which Rod Dreher offers strong praise for an article about hunting and how it encourages masculinity and integrity.

Dreher. Hunting. Masculinity. Integrity.

The post is incredibly ripe for parody, but to my surprise it has prompted in me a reaction that is a professional writer's nightmare: indifference.

Judging by the activity there and here, I get the feeling I'm not the first to reach the point where Rod's writing has become less interesting than the Beliefnet ads that surround it. It might thus be a good time to make official what has been a long time coming: other than a few comments to this post, we're taking a break of an indefinite duration.

I'm considering this announcement to be a Christmas present to myself, as I've been very good this year.